Why Should I Volunteer?

I was inspired to co-found STEMs For Youth (SFY) when I started tutoring a young lady in math. She hated math. It had become a confrontational issue with her parents and teachers. When flashcards showed up, she shutdown. Instead of focusing on traditional methods, I tried different activities using a familiar platform, LEGOs. I changed the focus of math to calculating how to program a LEGO robot, the real-world application of memorizing facts. The light bulb went off and she is now taking Honors Math courses! I had completely changed her feelings about math. I had made a difference in someone else's life and in mine. I realized if I could inspire one child, I could create a team to inspire hundreds, and SFY was born.

If you believe our children deserve the chance to be inspired and find their passion, please help us make it possible.

- Evan Osgood


Helping kids reach higher.